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Q: How often should I wash and wax my car?
A: Almost all manufacturers recommend washing every week and waxing every 1-3 months, depending on environment.

Q: Is there really any difference between hand washing and waxing as opposed to Automatic Car Washes?
A: Yes. You may already be aware of the obvious damage that is associated with "drive-through" tunnels (i.e. antennas, wipers etc.), but you should also be aware that some Automatic Car Washes can actually drive dirt deeper into your car's finish by using cloths and brushes that are dirty and water that is too hot. Also, some of those high pressure sprays can even strip the wax that is on your car.

Q: Is there anything that can be done about the scratches on my car?
A: Yes. Scratch removal is one of our specialties. Depending on the depth, size and location of the scratch, there is almost always a way to remove it or at the very least make it less noticeable. We also recommend purchasing some touch-up paint from your dealership (they can help you find the paint code for your vehicle). Then, next time you bring your car in for an Exterior Detail or a Complete Detail, we will be happy to touch-up any rock chips and deeper scratches for FREE.

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